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Get Psyched

Subjects I'd like to post entries about or see discussion about:

-Going legal
-House finances
-Staying legal?
-Work/rent trade
-Politics of buying
-Politics of selling
-Leases, security deposits, things of that sort
-Picking new housemates
-Houses that are not legally truly collective but act like they are

My house (from getbusy.pbwiki.com):

Get Busy is a semi-collective, combined Victorian twin house in Cedar Park, West Philadelphia. As of September 2007, we will be 16 humans and 3 cats. Two of the humans own the building. We are between the ages of 22 and 30; working people, students, and grad students; vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores; cats and humans; food co-op members and staff; Wooden Shoe staff, librarians, scientists, musicians, artists (print, graffiti, etc), amateur carpenters, and gardeners. We are located on a quiet, tree-lined block that is very close to the 34 trolley line, the 64 bus, Mariposa Food Co-op, Satellite Cafe, Firehouse Bikes, and the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union.

Get Busy is committed to being non-racist, non-sexist, non-homophobic, and non-transphobic, to being friendly with our neighbors and involved in our block, and to generally being a safe, fun, and reasonably clean house to live in and call home.

We all share chores, utilities costs, a good deal of food, and the space in the house outside of our bedrooms, including the back yard and front garden. We cook together, garden together, homebrew together, etc, quite frequently but without much formal structure. We have occasional house meetings. Some non-owning housemates help with home repairs and improvements while others do not. We have house rules and leases and use a system of online spreadsheets to track house finances. One basic house rule is that the money that the two co-owners of Get Busy collect in rent each month cannot be used for our personal profit beyond paying the mortgages. Rather, it must be re-invested in the house.

Our house has two living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, twelve bedrooms, five bathrooms, two washers and dryers, four full-sized fridges, limited basic cable, and wireless internet.
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