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who, me?

Broke tenants and climate control

So one of my roommates/tenants is out of work. I know this. I know he has no money right now.

He owes me money -- I haven't been hitting him too hard for utilities, because I know he doesn't have it. This month, he also fell $25 short on the rent.

He wanted to put an AC in his room. He did this once before, and paid for the spike in the electric bill. I told him that this time, since he can't cover it, I wasn't comfortable with him doing it again.

Apparently I wasn't clear enough. Last night he borrowed an AC and put it in (note to people who don't know me well: I hate air-conditioning, for environmental and health reasons. I really don't like having it in my house at all, and I am surely not subsidizing it).

So earlier today I replied to his email on the subject by asking him to take the AC out until he has enough money to cover it.

(I should also note that he does not have a fan in his room, although he has been told to take one from the house stock of fans. He says he doesn't like how they blow dust around.)

I don't know quite what I'll do if he refuses. Go in there and take it out myself? Return it to its owners? This is the down side of living with one's friends in this setting -- I don't want to damage a friendship, but I also don't want to pay his way excessively. I don't mind helping people when they're having a hard time. I do mind when people try to take advantage.

It's one to add to the list of house policies, I suppose: thou shalt not have an air conditioner unless thou be free of debt and able to pay for the extra power used.
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