the lady with a hole in her stocking (steph99) wrote in anarcholandlord,
the lady with a hole in her stocking

house geek night

ok ok, I know, I just joined and I won't shut up, but just one more thing before I go back to my cave. Reading about the porch stuff and the leaking stuff and all that stuff reminded me of an idea that a friend of mine and I have been kind of wanting to get off the ground but we're so busy but it's worth putting on the table. For a few years, an open-ended group of us have gotten together once in a while to just shoot the shit and work on some random geeky project, from rfid to card readers to locksmithing to distilling to homemade cosmetics and crafts. A couple of us who have houses have wanted to do the same thing but with house projects, and also have kind of a housework co-op. The 2 salient ideas are to have a loose group that help each other do sustainability experiments like trying to build solar hot water heaters or Trombe walls out of trashpicked windows, and to have a loose group to help each other with home repairs. I help you with you porch this month, you help me do some pointing next month, that kind of thing.

So I just want to put it out there that (standard disclaimer zomglolkthnx) I'm always super busy but if you find you need an extra pair of hands, please ask, and maybe if I need help someday I'll ask. Currently I'm getting some windows replaced so I do have a stack of glass to use for solar experiments one of these days. Dave Onion and I built a simple solar chimney-style heater over at LAVA in a weekend a couple years ago and it actually worked. I'd be up for trying more stuff like that.

Has anyone used the new tool library? It seems like a great idea.
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